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In the city of Moro-Umbra, dreaming is a luxury few can afford. Merciless beasts called shadows stalk the streets, eating the dreams of all who encounter them and leaving them a shell of their former selves, dreamless and hollow. With nothing to drive them, the general populace sinks into apathy.

But the NEIR Corporation has an answer. Using crystal technologies, they have summoned particularly strong dreamers from across the multiverse. With your help, they hope to restore Moro-Umbra to a city of safety and peace. Of course, they have to make sure the newly Crystal Dreamers get the job done - so they've provided a few incentives. Like, being unable to return home until a certain number of powerful shadows have been defeated.

❈ ❈ 
Crystal dreamers is a panfandom magical girl (boy, etc.) RP set in the fictional city of Moro-Umbra. When a character has a heartfelt dream, they wake to find themselves in the Neir Co headquarters and are presented with an opportunity to realise their dream. After defeating a certain number of evil shadows, they will be allowed to return home, and as a special bonus, their dream will be fulfilled. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? But there are things lurking behind the scenes of Moro-Umbra... and the shadows aren't even the worst of it. 




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Of course, NeirCo would never hold any secrets from you. Or anyone. But if they did, and those secrets were to be discovered, they would be listed here for easy reference. NeirCo cares.
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About NeirCo

 The Neir Corporation has been finding ways to combat the Shadows since they first appeared in this world twelve years ago. When people still lived in Moro-Umbra, NeirCo did their very best to protect them. When they failed, the remaining survivors were moved into the NeirCo building, where they still live today. NeirCo's current goals are to make Moro-Umbra hospitable once more. That's where the Crystal Dreamers Program comes in. Those with strong wills are able to resist the effects of the Shadows for longer, and since nobody in Moro-Umbra is up to the task, NeirCo have resorted to summoning help from other worlds. 

NeirCo is grateful for the help of these outsiders, and appreciates the risks they take on behalf of Moro-Umbra. In exchange for their services, NeirCo has agreed to grant them their most heartfelt wish - of course, they will have to earn it, first. 

Should anyone within the facility have any questions, they may direct themselves to a NeirCo employee - they are the tall people with rabbit heads. They will be happy to help in any way that they can. 

The NeirCo Building

The NeirCo Building stands on a hill overlooking the rest of Moro-Umbra. From the very beginning, Shadows have stayed away from the grounds, and so the people staying there are safe. The NeirCo building contains everything a (very small) society needs to survive, including ample kitchens and entertainment venues. 

Crystal Dreamers are provided rooms of their own on the top three floors of the building. These rooms contain a small kitchenette, a double bed, and an ensuite bathroom. Each room also contains a NeirCo communications device which allows the user to connect to the network and learn more about the Crystal Dreamers project.

The building also houses the NeirCo laboratories, which are situated in the basement. Only NeirCo employees are allowed there. 

Luckily, there are plenty of other things to entertain the inhabitants of the building in their free time. There is an extensive library, a swimming pool and gym, and numerous training rooms where dreamers can hone their shadow-fighting skills. 

In addition, many of the former inhabitants of Moro-Umbra have set up shop in the halls of the building. You can buy various trinkets and foodstuffs from the stalls, and maybe even pick up some souvenirs to take back to your own world... when you finally make it home. 

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The Shadows

For twelve years now, the Shadows have haunted the streets of Moro-Umbra. The people put up what resistance they could, but in the end, everyone living in the city was either swallowed up by the Shadows or left to seek a new life elsewhere. There has been no contact with the outside world for years. Many of the NeirCo employees will tell you that the world outside of Moro-Umbra simply doesn't exist.

In light of this, NeirCo and it's employees have strived to reclaim their city and repopulate it with individuals able to fight the shadow plague. The Crystal Dreamer program will facilitate this. In the meantime, all the data gathered on the Shadows is contained in this file for Dreamers to peruse and learn from.

All shadows will drain the life energy of normal humans. After extended exposure to shadows, even Crystal Dreamers will begin to succumb to their effects. Those affected by shadow energies may become angry or depressed, and will eventually lose the will to continue to fight. NeirCo recommends that anyone who notices a sudden change for the worse in their behaviour should report to the NeirCo laboratories immediately for treatment. 

Shadows do not appear to need energy to sustain themselves - they have not been witnessed eating or drinking food, and so it can be assumed that they do not need to do so. Why exactly they attack and drain the energy of humans and other animals is unknown. Upon death, Shadows do not leave corpses, but instead seem to dissipate into the atmosphere in a black cloud of smoke. Recently, they have begun to leave behind Crystal Tears, which NeirCo has used to further advance the Crystal Dreamers program. 

❈ ❈ ❈


Minor Shadows

Minor Shadows usually take the form of animals, and are relatively easy to dispatch. However, they are dangerous in large numbers and can overwhelm even the most practised of dreamers.

Frequently, Minor Shadows will follow Boss Shadows. It is not currently known if they are obeying orders from what they register as their superiors, or if they are only scavenging for energy in the Boss Shadow's wake. 

Boss Shadows

Boss Shadows are the most dangerous things a Crystal Dreamer can encounter in Moro-Umbra. They appear in regular cycles, and disappear to an unknown place when they have consumed their fill of life energy. Only one Boss Shadow has ever been defeated. 

Boss Shadows are difficult to describe in general terms, because each one is different. Some fall into unstoppable rages until they have consumed enough life energy to be sated. Others don't seem to be aggressive at all. Some employ illusions and other magic to trap their prey. They have but one thing in common - they all began appearing 6 years ago, when the population of Moro-Umbra was beginning to panic about the increase in Shadows, and they do not dissipate when they are defeated - they simply crystallize and shatter into numerous shards. These shards have been analysed and found to be made of the same material as the Crystal Tears dropped by Minor Shadows. 


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Crystal Vials

The crystal vials provided by the NEIR Corporation allow the user to transform into a Crystal Dreamer. Every vial is unique, but will be in one of five different colours. These colours, and the powers associated with them, are directly related to the nature of the wish made.

In addition, you will notice that some vials are made of clearer crystal than others. A higher clarity indicates a wish that is more pure than others. A wholly selfish dream (that only benefits the dreamer) will result in a very low clarity, and reduces the amount and kind of powers a dreamer can use. At low clarity levels, it will also be more difficult to use powers, and their results will be less reliable. There are many ways to gain a higher clarity level :

By trading in a certain amount of crystal tears
Through special events
By making significant sacrifices for others

Using your powers against other Crystal Dreamers or against NEIR agents will result in a reduced clarity level, as will other selfish actions. Some special events may also affect your clarity level.

Keep an eye on your crystal vial! If it is lost, you will be unable to transform until you can reclaim it again. You can only ever have your own, unique crystal vial.

❈ ❈ ❈


 A dreamer's powers are based on both the nature of their dream and the nature of the dreamer themselves. Generally, the dreamer's powers will centre around an object or element that is very close to their heart. This element is a reflection of the dreamer as a person, and can range from the traditional elements of earth, air, fire, and water to more abstract concepts such as the heart, blood, or truth. 

In addition, the dreamer's crystal vial will also be related to their powers. Someone with the power to alter time, for example, might have a Quartz vial. Someone with fire-based powers might have a vial made of Topaz. 

A dreamer's powers are limited by their clarity level. At clarity level 1, a dreamer's powers will be unreliable at best. Their powers become more effective as they climb the clarity level ladder, and at Level 5, they will be able to use their powers to their full ability, and unleash their Crystalline Burst. 

A Crystalline Burst is the most powerful attack a Crystal Dreamer can use. Studies have shown that yelling the name of this attack while using it triples its effectiveness, so all Crystal Dreamers will be assigned a name for their Crystalline Burst upon admission into the program. Use this power wisely : they use huge amounts of energy, and overuse may even cause a dreamer to drop clarity levels. 

❈ ❈ ❈


When the presence of shadows is detected nearby, the crystal vials transform into weapons, which are used to conduct the raw energy of the dreamer and convert it into their powers. This is the official company line on why a dreamer can never allow their vials to become completely opaque - if they do, they won't be able to use their powers at all. 

The weapon in question will usually take the form of something the dreamer is used to wielding in their own world. In the case that they do not normally use any weapons at all, the dreamer will be assigned a weapon that NeirCo believes they could handle. Training rooms are provided in the NeirCo building so that everyone has a chance to practice using their weapons before they are sent out into the city itself. 

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Applications Are OPEN


Rules for Applications

Please ensure that you have read both the rules and the faq.

Please post applications with the character journal. If you don't have a character journal yet, consider submitting a reserve instead.

We will not allow applications for characters that have already been reserved by somebody else.

We will not allow players to submit more than one application per cycle. A player may have three active characters maximum.

Please fill in the form carefully and use proper grammar and spelling.

Application Sample


Name : (Your name)
Personal Journal : [personal profile] neirco (except 'neirco' is your personal journal)
Age : (Your age)
Other characters in Crystal Dreamers : (Do you have any other characters in this game? Please include a link to their journals)
Contact information : (Plurk, AIM, Skype, etc.)


Character Name : (Your character's name)
Source : (The series they are from. If they are an OC, state this here)
Reference : (A wiki link to their canon history. Leave blank for OC's.)
Canon Point : (Which point in canon your character is from)
Age : (Your character's age)

Previous Game Memories : (if applicable, please include a brief summary of how this character has changed from their experience in a previous game. If not applicable, please leave blank.)

Dream : (What is the heartfelt wish that brought your character to Moro-Umbra? This can be anything from 'I want to revive my family' to 'I want to be a pokemon master'. Remember that this dream will influence what powers your character is assigned later.)

History : (What is your character's past? How did it influence their dream?)

Personality : (2-4 paragraphs about your character's personality.)


Power : (Name the element that your character's powers revolve around, and how they use it. You will be assigned a silly name for this power, but feel free to come up with one yourself if you like.) 

Strengths : (3-5 strengths)

Weaknesses : (3-5 weaknesses)

Weapon : (What is your characters weapon?)

Crystal Dreamer : (describe your character's Crystal Vial, and their Crystal Dreamer uniform)


Prose sample : (A sample of something happening in real time, as you might find in the IC Comm)

Network sample : (A sample network post, as you might find in the Network Comm)



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1. Don't be a jerk

This is the most important rule of all. As mods, we won't stand for bullying. This includes, but is not limited to :

Spreading rumours on anon comms
Being deliberately rude, condescending or unhelpful OOC.
❈ Refusing to co-operate with mods and other players.

2. Pass Activity Checks

Activity checks will be held once a month. To pass, you will need to link us to one thread of 6+ comments on someone else's post, and one post of your own. These threads can be in the IC comm or the Network comm. 

However, this should be considered the bare minimum requirement. We highly encourage going beyond this and interacting with the group as much as possible. Barely scraping by the activity check will not be acceptable every month, but once or twice is fine. If you don't think you'll be able to make an activity check, we recommend taking a hiatus - and letting us know about it!

3. Don't godmode or metagame

Remember that OOC does not equal IC. Anything you learn about characters OOC can not be applied in-game unless your character knows about it or you've agreed it with the other character's mun. 

Likewise, godmoding will not be tolerated. Always give other characters room to breathe - for example, instead of writing "Joe kicked Bob in the stomach", try writing "Joe aims a powerful kick at Bob's stomach". This gives Bob's mun room to manoeuvre out of the kick if they want to. Don't control other people's characters!

4. Don't break the Fourth Wall

As far as our characters are concerned, nobody is fictional. Telling characters that they're a character from x comic or x tv show just creates confusion and grinds RP to a standstill. 

5. Communicate 

There will be frequent CR Memes in the OOC Comm. We encourage everyone to create CR with as many other players as possible, and to communicate with characters outside of their fandom. Making friends is fun! 

If you have any concerns about another player's behaviour, please mention it to them before contacting the mods. We require everyone to have a How's My Driving post with anon comments enabled for this very purpose.

Likewise, if you are squeamish or otherwise triggered by certain things, please let other players know. We ask that all players be aware of their fellow players' preferences and include trigger warnings for posts that may disturb others.

6. Have Fun!

Your mods are massive cheese balls. 


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Reserves Are OPEN

Rules for Reserves

Reserves are held for 14 days

Reserves will be removed at MIDNIGHT GMT on their final day.

Challenge reserves are allowed, but when applications are judged to be of equal quality priority will be given to the person who reserved first.

Copy and paste the code below with your character journal to submit a reserve :


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  What's all this about? 
Crystal Dreamers is a panfandom RP set in a magical girl type setting. Currently we accept OCs, AUs, and any previous game canon your characters might have. 
Is this like Madoka Magica?
It is A LOT like Madoka Magica. We're going for that same subverted, dark feel - but there will be plenty of room for happy stories, too. 
 How does everything work?
IC logs (things happening in real time, like battles or meet-ups) happen in [community profile] crystaldreamers_ic . 
Other interactions take place through the , which is for video, voice, and general chat messages. Anything OOC (including memes and introductions) goes in [community profile] crystaldreamers_ooc. 
 Magical Girls? What?
In this game, Magical Girls are created by the NEIR Corporation by dragging a person from another world with a heartfelt wish (their "dream") into Moro-Umbra and equipping them with  a crystal vial, which, when activated, will allow them to harness magical powers and weapons. This crystal vial is also used to collect the tears that fall when a shadow is defeated - a full vial of tears can be traded in to the NEIR corporation in exchange for safe passage home and a single wish. 
❈ Are non-female characters allowed?
Of course! They will simply be known as 'magical boys' or by the gender neutral term 'crystal dreamer'. Likewise, older characters are allowed. 
 What other characters are allowed?
Any age, shape or form of character is allowed. Animal characters will be transformed into human shape by the NEIR corporation to maximise their fighting potential, but they may retain features of their animal selves (ears, tails, etc.). Robots will remain robots, but will be scaled down if they are too big to fit in an average door. Very small characters will remain very small, but while transforming during battle will become average size. 
 What are the rules about AU's? 
AU versions of characters are allowed, as long as they are sufficiently distinct from the canon version of that character. For example, a Karkat Vantas who was born as a human in medieval england would be acceptable, but a Karkat Vantas exactly the same as in canon but with purple blood would not be. If in doubt about any AU, please ask! 
 What are the rules about OC's?
Again, OC's are perfectly acceptable. 
 Can my character die?
If you want them to. By default, a dead character will remain dead, but they will be able to redeem any collected tears they have for another chance at life. Alternatively, another character may spend their own tears on bringing them back to life, but this would be decided between the muns. No character may return to life more than three times. 
 Can I play more than one character from a fandom?
Yes, up to a limit of three, and if a newcomer is apping for the same character at the same time they will be given priority. 
 What if my characters already have powers?
In this case, their existing powers will be transformed by crystal technologies - they will only be able to use them properly at the appropriate clarity level. Depending on how many powers they already have, they may gain new ones. They still get a magical weapon and a silly frilly outfit, though, and they will still find it harder to use their powers at lower clarity levels. 
  How do clarity points work?
Clarity points are a measure of the purity of your characters wish. A selfish wish - say 'I want to be fabulously rich', will net them a very low clarity score, which means that their powers will be harder to control, and will also leave them more susceptible to shadow contamination. All characters will have the option to gain more clarity points through events or other methods if they want to. 


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code by [community profile] pastries


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For questions, complaints, and general chit-chat
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