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Name:The Neir Corporation
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In the city of Moro-Umbra, dreaming is a luxury few can afford. Merciless beasts called shadows stalk the streets, eating the dreams of all who encounter them and leaving them a shell of their former selves, dreamless and hollow. With nothing to drive them, the general populace sinks into apathy.

But the NEIR Corporation has an answer. Using crystal technologies, they have summoned particularly strong dreamers from across the multiverse. With your help, they hope to restore Moro-Umbra to a city of safety and peace. Of course, they have to make sure the newly Crystal Dreamers get the job done - so they've provided a few incentives. Like, being unable to return home until a certain number of powerful shadows have been defeated.

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Crystal dreamers is a panfandom magical girl RP set in the fictional city of Moro-Umbra. When a character has a heartfelt dream, they wake to find themselves in the Neir Co headquarters and are presented with an opportunity to realise their dream. After defeating a certain number of evil shadows, they will be allowed to return home, and as a special bonus, their dream will be fulfilled. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? But there are things lurking behind the scenes of Moro-Umbra... and the shadows aren't even the worst of it. 


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